All managers at S&L comply with common guiding principles

  1. Motivate, lead, take responsibility
    The manager is a role model. Leadership responsibility flows from the top down, and each person is responsible for his or her own actions. We lead our employees responsibly. We provide a clear framework in which employees can work autonomously and on their own initiative.
  2. The greatest possible transparency
    Every employee knows the vision and strategy of our company. We keep our employees informed regularly and in detail. Every employee knows his or her field of responsibility and its significance for the company.
  3. Constructive criticism is welcome
    We welcome constructive criticism. Constructive criticism is a chance for us to change. We give our employees proactively positive as well as critical feedback. We address problems directly. We don’t sweep anything under the carpet. 
  4. Fairness und respect
    We mutually respect and value each other. We maintain fairness in our interactions. We talk with each other rather than over the top of each other. The company’s interests come before desires for prestige and personal prominence.
  5. We promote and encourage
    We have the potential to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals. We encourage our employees and promote creativity, the joy of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. 
  6. We encourage and demand performance and loyalty
    Loyalty towards the company and its representatives is a high priority for us. We communicate clear goals. We act consistently in terms of performance and loyalty.
  7. Sustainable success is only possible with teamwork