Boasting a long and rich tradition, Berliner Synchron GmbH is Germany’s oldest dubbing company. Founded in 1949, it still retains a leading position in the dubbing industry.

We have been presenting German-speaking cinema-goers and TV audiences with high-quality language versions for more than 67 years. To date over 60 employees and several hundred freelance colleagues and creative minds have lent the finishing touches to more than 8000 movies and diverse television series. These include masterpieces such as “The Godfather”, “Star Wars 1-6”, “Ice Age 1-5”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “Cloud Atlas”, “Jurassic World”, “Breaking Bad”, “Fargo”, “Mr. Robot”, the Marvel series and many more.

Besides our core business – the dubbing of movies and television programs – our range of services includes the production of multilingual localizations for advertising, corporate media and multimedia projects, as well as subtitling (SDH and OmU), audio description and accessible movie versions for the hearing- and sight-impaired.

The CEO of Berliner Synchron GmbH is Marcus Dröscher. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of S&L Medien Gruppe GmbH.

Experience the original. Since 1949.