Market research is an important part of marketing a product. Since 2003 S&L Medienproduktion has been offering its clients an extensive range of possibilities in the field of movie market research and presents opportunities to analyze every phase of a movie’s production both online and offline.

From conceptual formulation to the analysis of results our competent market researchers benefit from the expertise of the S&L Medien Gruppe in many areas of movie and entertainment marketing.

Last but not least, the high quality of our market research is also ensured by our membership in the Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V. (Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers, or BVM) and the accompanying voluntary commitment to comply with their norms, guidelines and quality standards.

Online-Market Research


The company’s own access panel moviepanel.de is used to conduct online surveys about movies, cinema and home entertainment. For nine years moviepanel.de has been an integral part of cinema market research in Germany.

The weekly tracking of movie releases includes all relevant key data on levels of awareness, interest, recommendations and “sources of awareness”; these are analyzed and presented in accordance with our clients’ specific requirements.

What’s more, S&L Medienproduktion conducts surveys concerning motion picture elements such as movie titles, trailers, TV commercials and artwork.

S&L Marktforschung also offers webscreenings in collaboration with the Online PR Unit of S&L Medianetworx: the acquisition, structuring and analytic representation of online opinions in the fields of social media as well as online publicity.

Offline-Market Research


The nationwide test screenings of S&L Medienproduktion allow movies to be tested in a specific target audience environment.

Audience surveys in the cinema and the implementation of subsequent focus groups form part of our standard procedure, as do an SPSS data analysis and a detailed presentation of the results.

Exit polls stationed in the cinemas can also be used as an indicator of word-of-mouth at a movie’s opening weekend. With regard to qualitative surveys, S&L Medienproduktion also offers the implementation of client- and theme-specific focus groups.