Everything started with S&L Medienproduktion GmbH – today the company creates TV and online productions and also conducts market research for clients

The foundation of today’s S&L Medien Gruppe was laid in 1992 with the establishment of S&L Medienproduktion GmbH. Since then we have been producing making-of’s and film features for all major German TV stations, as well as for numerous online portals in the meantime.

Because our TV, video and audio productions are predominantly realized in-house, we are able to respond rapidly and flexibly to the wishes of our clients from the TV, movie and industry sector.

In 2003 the company’s service portfolio was broadened to include the field of market research. Through moviepanel we operate a well-established market research platform for the movie and entertainment industry. In 2006 we broadened our offering even further with test screenings and subsequent empirical analyses.

Torsten Weihrich is the managing director of S&L Medienproduktion GmbH. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of S&L Medien Gruppe GmbH.