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“In cinema, for cinema, about cinema” is the motto of KINO&CO.

Every month visitors to around 800 cinemas nationwide stay up-to-date on relevant new releases and the latest trends from the world of celebrities. In addition there are exclusive interviews, extensive feature articles on the most important film festivals, and entertainment tips for time spent after visiting the cinema.

Launched in 2003, our entertainment magazine has firmly established itself at the centre of the cinema experience, particularly for the target group of 14-29 year-olds. With an unrelenting guarantee of quality for content, scope and layout as well as high reader loyalty (2 readers per copy: AWA 2016) and interactive promotional activities, “KINO&CO” is also the optimal platform for movie and brand presentation. That’s a fact appreciated by leading cinema operators like CinemaxX, CineStar, Cineplex, Kinopolis-Gruppe (Mathäser, Citydome) Cinecitta, UCI Kinowelt, k-motion and UFA, for whom we produce individual editions.

KINO&CO has been audited by the circulation auditor IVW since Q3 / 2011 and appears in a print run of over 800,000 copies, making it the highest circulation cinema magazine in Germany. It enjoys an exclusive presence in all cinema chains, over 600 independent movie theaters, over 300 Cleverfit fitness studios (with more than 540,000 members), 60 restaurants and in all Merlin Entertainment Indoor Centers (SEA LIFE, Hamburg Dungeon, LEGO Discovery Center and Madame Tussauds). The magazine reaches more than 2 million contacts per issue via the print magazine (AWA 2016) and a further 10-15 million via its digital counterpart. 

The advertising impact is supplemented and extended beyond the cinema foyer by corresponding digital channels, consisting of a Website, newsletter, eMag and the cinema-finding app kinoradar, as well as social network pages. An ever-increasing number of CINEWEB partner cinema websites also belong to the KINO&CO network. Entertainment clients and branded companies successfully utilize these media as communications platforms.

Distribution partners of KINO&CO profit from many additional advantages

Over 800 cinemas nationwide already use KINO&CO to inform and retain their customers. That includes the big players like CinemaxX, CineStar, Cineplex, Kinopolis, Cinecitta, UCI Kinowelt, k-motion and UFA, as well as over 600 owner-operated movie cinemas.

Selected partners deploy backlit dispensers for added attention in the cinema foyer. KINO&CO is the trusted advisor for movie selection at the heart of the cinema experience, reaching a young and exceptionally free-spending readership in a relaxed leisure situation.

Beyond the cinemas, KINO&CO is displayed in all Merlin Entertainment Indoor Centers (SEA LIFE, Hamburg Dungeon, LEGO Discovery Center and Madame Tussauds), in 60 restaurants and in over 300 Cleverfit fitness studios.

KINO&CO Media GmbH sees itself as a partner of cinema operators and offers many additional possibilities for cooperation beyond provision of the magazine. These include the production of customised editions of KINO&CO for premium partners introducing readers to the cinema operator’s exclusive activities and events and delivering extensive content for their websites. For our independent cinema partners we offer target-group-specific events such as the “girls’ night preview”.

See the editorial quality of our magazine and content for yourself. We’d be pleased to make you an individual offer

Use KINO&CO for your communication!

Whether you’re advertising your entertainment product or looking to present your brand in the right editorial environment – “KINO&CO” is the right platform for you. You’ll reach a young, exceptionally free-spending target group of cinemagoers in a relaxed leisure situation and a heightened state of receptivity, directly at the Point of Interest.

KINO&CO offers multifaceted touchpoints for your campaign in and around the cinema!

We will gladly develop an individual communications concept with you, and we can advise you on all aspects of the advertising opportunities in KINO&CO and the world of cinema.

•    810,090 copies (IVW III/2016)

Beyond the cinemas, KINO&CO is displayed in over 300 Cleverfit fitness studios, restaurants and in all Merlin Entertainment Indoor Centers (SEA LIFE, Hamburg Dungeon, LEGO Discovery Center and Madame Tussauds). It is also sent directly to the target group by subscription. 

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KINO&CO for entertainment clients

KINO&CO is a magazine for entertainment fans, be it movies, videos, games or events. Readers want the latest news and insider tips, and use KINO&CO to keep themselves informed of the latest cinematic and home entertainment releases.

In addition to the monthly magazine, KINO&CO offers many further special publications. These are the perfect platform for steering the reader’s attention with precision towards a movie or an event. Special publications can be focused individually on the requirements of the client or their project, and are also perfectly suited for simultaneous distribution beyond the KINO&CO network. All line extensions are displayed in addition to the magazine. Our special publications include: 

  • KINO&CO Spezial
  • KINO&CO Portrait
  • KINO&CO Poster

KINO&CO SPEZIAL showcases one movie. This 8-page special edition is produced in gatefold format (200mm x 265mm trim size) in A4 or A5 format.

KINO&CO PORTRAIT not only deals monothematically with one movie, but also provides a detailed introduction to the lead actor/actress with a portrait and large poster (DIN A3 format). The portrait is produced in an 8-sided French fold format (200mm x 265mm trim size).

The KINO&CO POSTER presents a current hit movie in XXL format together with the original movie placard in poster size (DIN A1 format). Next to the movie review, characters from the movie are presented in a 16-page large-format supplement (DIN A4 trim size). It is also possible to integrate a thematically coordinated game.

KINO&CO for brands

Use KINO&CO as a successful communications platform for your products and customers. The magazine offers many different possibilities for brand integration:

  • Classic advertisements
  • Advertorials and cross-media promotions in a matching movie environment.
  • Integration with a KINO&CO special publication
  • Entertainment tips presented by…
  • Rubric sponsoring

Alongside classic advertisements in the direct entertainment environment, the back cover of all KINO&CO products and special publications can be made available for brand promotion.

In addition, brands can be positioned as messengers in appropriate thematic and movie environments. Present an entertainment tip or become a sponsor of a thematic rubric in the magazine.