What we stand for and how we act – our corporate mission statement shows the way

We are a medium-sized family business

Collaborating closely with the company management, the owners shape and are responsible for the vision and strategy of the company and put these into action together with the employees.

We are an independent enterprise

We curb unilateral dependence of any sort as far as possible. In our core decisions we are independent of the influence of third parties. We set our own goals. We will not be dominated by the goals of others.

We act in accordance with a free market perspective

We operate in free competition. We perceive competition as the opportunity to optimize our services. We respect our rivals. We achieve the greatest possible client satisfaction through innovation and efficiency.

Today’s know-how for tomorrow’s applications

Based upon market knowledge and know-how accrued over decades, we build our core business through creative and client-oriented solutions and conceptions. We complement our core business with innovative products and new business areas. We are in a constant process of change. We are proud of our achievements, but we do not rest on our laurels. 

The client is king

Client-oriented products and services are a cornerstone of our success. We gear all products and services towards the needs of our clients and partners. We value quality and reliability. We display the greatest possible flexibility in order to meet the wishes and needs of our clients and partners.

Our employees are the greatest asset of the company

We set clear structures within which we support creativity and the spirit of innovation. We want our employees to feel good. We promote the personal development of our employees.

We are present in the public sphere

The value and success of our company are influenced by our public image. We maintain a transparent and open communication style with the outside world. In public we always act and speak on behalf of and in the interests of the company.