S&L Medien Gruppe GmbH is the heart of the company group and performs central functions

S&L is conceived as the hub for entertainment marketing in Germany and connects media providers, brand-names and agencies as well as consumers with entertainment themes.

Since 2011 S&L Medien Gruppe GmbH has functioned as a holding company performing central tasks for its operating subsidiaries and affiliates. These include the areas of strategy, business development and administration. This creates synergies and networks that offer benefits above all to our clients: flexibility, speed, and – most importantly – low costs.

With our products and services we accompany film distributors, cinema operators, video providers and games publishers along the entire value chain and offer one-stop holistic communication solutions. With our own portals we offer the most up-to-date news and all trailers at first hand; here you can even book cinema tickets online.

Early on we decided to put an emphasis on digitization. In 1996 “Moviedata” (later kino.de), the first German movie portal offering its own ticketing service, went online. The press server followed after nearly a year of development. Today it is used by over 10,000 journalists working on the theme of movies. Shortly afterwards we introduced the market research platform moviepanel.

Since then, out IT department has not only been providing the management for our own infrastructure, but also ensuring the smooth operation of our press and marketing servers that provide material to nearly all the relevant German media providers. In addition, our duties include the hosting of large websites and the development of our digital operations – with the shared goal of digital communication of brand-names as well as web design that conforms to user experience and usability to the fullest extent possible. We bring our 15-year experience in the field of website development and mobile applications to bear on the development of new products, and we also offer this know-how directly to our clients.